Milan & its Lakes – Bergamo

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Our family have not traveled together for a while. This time we had made a 7 days trip to Milan and its lakes region. The program was Bergamo, Como, Bellagio, Luino, Stresa and Milan.

After arriving at Linate Airport in Milan, we rent a car and drove directly to Bergamo. It is about an hour’s drive. By the way, we disrecommand renting cars at Rhodium / Golden Car. Their price may be a bit cheaper in the internet but when you take the car, they hard sell options and waste your time. Service is very poor.

Bergamo is divided into two parts, the medieval town on the hill and the modern part below. One can take the cable car or bus up to the old town. It is difficult to find parking spaces there though. We parked in the parking next to the cable car station. 3€ per hour , expensive but no choice.

Bergamo was once occupied by the Romains because of it’s strategy position. We can still see the remparts today. There are many historic buildings, of which the most famous is the Santa Maria Maggiore Basillica. It dated to the 12th century. That is to say in the same period of the Notre Dame de Paris.


The interior of the Santa Maria Maggiore Basillica are splendid and luxurious. It seems that every inches is decorated with paintings, fresoes, Baroque stuccoes, tapestries and Lorenzo Lotto’s famous inlays…


The outside façade is impressive with luxurious Italian marble and exquisitely carved façades.


The Baptistery was originally part of the basillica. The present baptistery was reconstructed at the end of the nineteenth century in a neo-Gothic style, only the statues of the Virtues in the niches on the outer wall, the statue of St John the Baptist and the bas-reliefs of the Life of Christ, in the interior , are original from Middle Age period.


In front of the basillica is the Piazza Vecchia Grand Place. The famous architect Corbusier considered it as the most beautiful square in Europe. It is true that it has a certain charm of antiquity blended in a harmony of colors. Take an ice cream pause to admire it.


I also like the window display here, the clothes, accessories in the shops are nice too. There is no noise and rush as in the big cities. Just loitering around in this medieval town to admire its buildings is a simple pleasure.

You may also go up to Rocca’s park, where you can have a nice view of the towers of the churches and also the down hill town of Bergamo.


We could have diner here but in order not to drive in the dark, we left to Como just after sunset.

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